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Read about Dr. Paul DeBell in the New York Times article on reincarnation: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/29/fashion/29PastLives.html?pagewanted=1&_r=2&sq=reincarnation&st=nyt&scp=1

Who are we really? If you really are a soul that comes from another dimension, why are you here? Past life regression helps you:

  • become more aware of your life’s purpose and the lessons that might be learned from the challenges you face.
  • develop clarity about the true nature of relationships that are hard to understand–whether because they are very positive or very negative.
  • discover the unique characteristics of your soul so as to be able to draw upon its strengths and help it develop.
  • receive spiritual guidance that leads to effective solutions for resistant problems.
  • be more optimistic and content.

Understanding the journey of your own soul gives perspective. Our souls are naïve when they enter our first body. Over the course of many lifetimes, we gradually develop  our soul’s wisdom. Back again now, we are cut off from a full awareness of who we are and what we need to learn by a veil that hides our true identity from us. As material life is both very demanding and stimulating, the needs and desires of our soul become weaker and less tangible. We live on the surface of life and lose touch with our deeper self. We lose sight of the true purpose in our life, the reason why we are here in this particular body at this particular time in history. Hypnosis pushes aside this veil so that we can hear the voice of the soul more clearly. Once in touch with our true Self and connected with our own source of spiritual guidance, we can get answers to our questions that point us in the right direction.

Drawing on our many years of experience as hypnotherapists, the training of the Michael Newton Institute and our own spiritual investigations, we will help you explore what made you who you are today and learn how to use that knowledge to actualize your own potentials and deepen your own beliefs.