The first thing to do if you are considering such a journey is to give us a call and discuss it. You’ll be able to see whether you sense the right rapport for helping you on this journey, and we’ll see if what you hope to gain is something we think we can help you with. Then, we will orient you to what a session is like so that when you come in, you’ll be at ease and well prepared.

When you come for the session, we first teach you how to enter trance and engage the deeper levels of your own mind. It’s all about trusting yourself, for everything comes from within you. The process begins with a relaxation exercise and a period of training as to how to move in the world of images through which your unconscious communicates. Once you develop a sufficient level of trance, you will be guided back into the womb and then through a tunnel in time to a significant day in a significant past lifetime. After moving into the soul state at the end of that lifetime, you will find yourself in a state where you can think more clearly about your problems and often be met by guides who help you use what you have seen to answer your questions and give your life the right direction.

Most people can get a clear idea of what they need to do in one session. Each successive journey, however, will allow you to go deeper and become more aware of this hidden part of you.

A past life regression usually takes about three hours and costs $150 per hour. 

To undertake the more intensive and systematic exploration of life between lives as described by Michael Newton in Jouney of Souls, one needs to have learned how to function in a state of deep hypnosis and undergone at least one past life regression so as to be able to register and interpret the flow of information coming from your own soul. This session usually takes 4 hours.

Try to schedule your session on a day when you are not too pressured, so that it is easier to push aside everyday pressures and easier to integrate what you learned afterwards.

As you will be in trance for a prolonged period of time, it is advisable that you not drive immediately after the session but give yourself adequate time to reorient yourself.